Lombardi - Italian Flexo Machine

Lombardi Converting Machinery S.r.l. is a world wide famous company in production and distribution of automatic punching machines for labels and envelopes, flexographic central drum machines and narrow web flexographic presses in line.

Lombardi sets a new standard in converting and printing technology with 30 years of international experience in top quality production and with more than 1300 installations in 100 countries around the world. Lombardi is recognized by label printers all over the world for their unbelievable features of precision and easiness of use of their machines.

At Lombardi, the will of continuously improving the quality of machine production, never stop looking for better solutions and finding confirmation in customer satisfaction is very strong. This is the leading concept of Lombardi  and it is reflected by their motto:




Lombardi provides a range of Flexo machines for the Label industry. These machines are studied to give the best performance
in the industry. The high level automation allows lower dependency on skills of the operator and offer the highest quality in 
flexo system. Standard web width options include 350 mm/ 450 mm/ 550 mm. It is possible to include Screen Printing, 
Cold Foil, Turn Bar, Hot-Foil Stamping and Delam-Relam (adhesive side printing) on each machine.


Hi-FiT system
An innovative system is used for print  rolls  allowing for immediate fitting of cylinders of different diameter with no need for an adapter. In fact print rolls lay on a special algorithmical-studied curve that ables to keep constant the printing pressure varying the roll diameter.

Hi-FiX system
The plate cylinder is pneumatically clamped with a conical piston that grants irreversibility of motion and reduces motions and vibrations to a minimum.

Hi-DynamiX system
The blade is pressured against the anilox roller with pneumatical system, determining an auto-adaptive pressure dynamic, resulting in the best ink distribution.

Hi-InX system
When the machine stops, the ink roller (anilox) is first removed, followed (after a settable time) by the print cylinder, in order to clean ink in excess (an essential operation when using non-UV inks).